Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Epiacum on radio 4

Spent a couple of hours today out on the farm with the Radio 4 team, recording a programme called "On your Farm" which will be broadcast on sunday morning at 6.30am.........hmm, listening in later on iplayer might be an option!!!
Paul Frodsham and Dave Went (English heritage) joined me in talking about farming around the "best preserved roman fort in the UK", the impact it has on the mangement of the farm and our plans for the future development of the site.
 Avoiding any complicated and technical farming questions, we chatted about the significance of the site and how we had set about promoting Epiacum. Described as the "hidden gem of the North Pennines", our task to date has been to increase knowledge, access and understanding of the site and our project will continue to build on this through a range of events.
Looking forward to planning a busy Summer and, like everyone else, hoping for some sun!


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  1. Must listen to the programme Elaine. Sounds great!

    I like the picture at the top of this blog. Splendiferous! :-) C/H


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