Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Family Fun @ the Fort - Aug 2012

What a FANTASTIC day of Family Fun  we had today, with 34 children and 20 adults on site who were all keen to explore the roman fort and learn more about this unique site.  We had visitors who were in the area on holiday, local people and people from the wider area.

Paul Mercer showed the children how the Romans would have made coins and even made some pewter "thumb moulds".  He explained that the biggest insult in Roman times was to put your thumb up at someone, so they used to make thumb moulds for their slingshot, (this also proved to be a good science lesson about liquids and solids!)  Sue Sharp made Celtic jewellery, explaining to the children about some of the mysticism around Celtic beliefs.

John Sadler of the Time Bandits came along suitably dressed as a medieval man and demonstrated some sword play to the visitors and kept adults and children alike engaged with stories of days gone by.

The Roman Ramble up on to Epiacum proved a popular activity.  The trail had been laid around the fort with questions to answer and key facts about Epiacum.  Prizes were distributed to everyone who found the "mystery word" from the clues!

The Journal newspaper were here to cover the day and to catch up with progress of the project and we look forward to reading about that later in the week.

Fun continues tomorrow (22 Aug) - more of the same plus some role play and story telling!! 

Great to meet new people today and to (yet again) hear the enthusaism for the site from people who were first time visitors!!  


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