Friday, 31 August 2012

Fort First Aid

A group of us involved in the project: a director, some from the steering group and some of the Friends, have just been on a two day first Aid Course covering First Aid in Remote Locations. We had a very good time, learnt a lot about how to be good 'First Aiders' and had a laugh as well.

To end the two days Alistair, our instructor, took us outside and we 'role-played' a few scenarios - great fun.

The pictures here tell some of the story, but most importantly anyone visiting Epiacum can be confident that they will be safely looked fact if you make a visit and stand still for too long you may find one of us bandaging and rescuing you, just for the practice!

The recovery position......looks like the farms plastic feed bags are going to come in useful as shelters to keep any casualties dry.

I wonder if the actors in the TV programme 'Casualty' have to practice this too?

Poor Elaine.....a head injury, a neck injury, a hand injury and stabbed in the leg with a marker pen...she's not having a good day.

Judging by the expressions there is not much we can do for this can't win them all!

The course was run by Alistair Myers of North Pennines Training and Adventure (see ) and we based ourselves at the Cairns Community Centre near Slaggyford.
Alistair was a great course leader and we would all recommend his services.



  1. I guess the pictures say it all really but as Paul says, a brilliant course which was informative and fun at the same time. Now, who needs "HELP"!


  2. You look like the Mummy's Mummy,Elaine.
    You seem to have had a fabulous day

  3. Yes, in spite of the subsequent humiliation, it was very inforamtive and a lot of fun!! If I come accross you laying injured in a field, I would like you to know there is more hope for you than there was last week!


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