Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Heritage Champions finally make it out on site

After a few weeks of awful weather and postponed ventures, the Heritage Champions group finally made it out on site today.
After spending the morning at Cairns Community Hall, where we learned about the site history led by Alastair Robertson, we set off to Epiacum to work togteher as a group looking at the landscape features with a view to producing and publishing our very own walks leaflet.
We discussed the potential walk routes - which was the best way to guide independent visitors into the site, what did we want them to discover? There is far too much to tell people everything in one go - so what to include and what to leave out?
The group were encouraged to contribute their own skills - photography, sketching  etc - the end product is a work in progress but people were keen to join in the tasks
Judith Wood, one of the learners , led the session, using her own knowledge and skills to guide the rest of us along the way.
The Heritage Champions Course is a great way to get involved in the project. Funded by NIACE to develop learning opportunities in the local area, we are focussing on heritage skills and buidling a volunteer base to contribute directly to the ongoing work of Epaicum Heritage.
It is fantastic to see two distinct projects working to complement each other. Come and join us along the way! You might even have some fun!

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