Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Media frenzy - thanks to the Moles!

Yet again, the moles of Epiacum have caused a media frenzy! Whilst the farmer at Castle Nook continues to deride these underworld creatures, they are once again doing a fantastic PR job for us here at Epiacum. One mention of these ignorant archaeologists, who are defying the rules of English Heritage, and the phone starts to ring, the TV crews turn up and people get excited!

Joined by over 50 volunteers on site, molehills have been surveyed and sieved and treasures uncovered.

Working away, under the watchful eye of Rob Young (English Heritage), volunteers came from far and near to join in with this unique and enjoyable day. For once, the sun shone and the site was uncharacteristically calm. It was a glorious day to be out to survey the activity of our underground archaeologists. Blissfully unaware of the laws of the land, the moles didn't disappoint us.
This was the most interesting find of the day. Remarkably heavy for one of these tiny creatures to "kick up", an iron and lead knob! Like many archaeological finds, it throws up lots of questions about its origins and uses.................more of that soon when we get to grips with all of the molehill finds!

One day down and one to go...............the site is gridded out in readiness for another day of community archaeology tomorrow - this time it is the Bath House site. We are hoping for some interesting finds there - hopefully some lady left her jewellery behind - we can live in hope!

It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves today -- people who had no previous experience of archaeology alongside those who were "old hands" at it - young and old all participating in a very worthwhile day.

And it wasn't ALL hard work - we allowed tea breaks!

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