Saturday, 4 May 2013

Up & Coming Heritage Skill Courses

Are you interested in learning about the locla heritage and archaeology. Coming up in May, we have two opportunities for you to ..............................
Discover a world of Heritage Skills and improve your local knowledge!
Explore the lumps and bumps of Whitley Castle Epiacum

11 and 12 May

Explore with us the 3000 years of human habitation in the landscape of Epiacum, as featured on national radio and tv. You will also explore our roundhouses and other evidence of pre-historic settlements.

Led by Alistair Robertson, one of our Epiacum guides. There is no charge for our events unless otherwise stated.

Reading Ancient Architecture

18 and 19 May

An opportunity to learn something of the skills needed to survey ancient buildings. You will explore one of our local historic buildings at Holy Mire which will help us plan for the new visitor centre.

                                Led by Peter Ryder, historical building surveyor.
To register for an activity, talk to us about volunteering or for more information about our future work please contact us.
Telephone: 01434 382080
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  1. Great day yesterday - I can make a shard of pottery look like a Roman dinner bowl.


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